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We have adopted the following supply policies.

Sales and Customer Service
We believe in providing unmatched customer service and sales support for each product and service we offer. To this end, we will handle your account as follows.

Contact Information
You may reach us one of six ways.

ONLINE 24 hours a day.
PHONE between the hours of 8:30 am and 5:00 p.m. EST.
FAX 24 hours a day.
EMAIL 24 hours a day.
MAIL through rain or sleet or darkness of night.
OFFICE visit between the hours of 8:30 am and 5:00 p.m. EST.

Account Management
Your solutions will be provided by an outside Account Executive and an inside Customer Service Representative. Each is a phone call away when you are gathering information, requesting an estimate, seeking samples, placing an order, handling returns or discussing problems with your order.

Needs Assessment
Providing correct solutions begins with an assessment of your current needs, in-house capabilities and procurement process. Your Account Executive will use this review to identify the level and type of solutions that are most appropriate for you and your company. From this assessment, (s)he will propose solutions that provide you access to the latest technology and most efficient procurement methods.

Getting estimates is a breeze! Your specifications are entered into a production management system that not only creates estimates, but handles work orders and invoicing. Once your pricing is computed, we can call, fax or email it to you. Remember, your estimate is based on the following.

Defined Specifications
We base all estimates on defined specifications. The more accurate the specifications, the more accurate your estimate. Remember, any additional process required to acquire your supplies will be added to your invoice.

Freight Terms of F.O.B. Our Dock
We offer freight terms of "F.O.B. Our Dock" unless otherwise stated. Be sure to add transportation costs to and from our facility, as these are not included in our estimates.

Your estimate is valid for up to 30 days from the printed date. Estimates older than 30 days should be confirmed.

Samples help bring printing project ideas to life. We can provide you with both "No Charge" and "For Fee" samples as detailed below.

No Charge Samples
Quite often, a customer will ask to see samples of the finishing supplies being estimated. We welcome these requests and will provide samples that meet your customers' needs as closely as possible. If we can fulfil these requests with inventoried supplies, you can order up to three (3) samples free of charge.

For Fee Samples
If "No Charge" samples do not meet your customer's needs, we can move to the next step - "For Fee" samples. These include any samples requiring non-inventoried supplies that must be special ordered. All costs passed to us from the manufacturer or distributor to procure these supplies will be added to your final invoice or invoiced separately if the order never materializes.

Supply Orders
Supply sales are an additional segment of our finishing business. These solutions are provided for customers wishing to handle more of the finishing process themselves. The following policies and practices were developed specifically for supply orders.

Order Cutoff
The cutoff times for supplies orders will differ depending upon the delivery method chosen.

Customer Pickup
There is no cutoff time for orders being picked up by the customer. These orders will be filled within two (2) hours from the time of the call, fax or email.

All Other Methods
The cutoff time for orders being distributed the same day using a courier, carrier or trucking company is 12:00 noon. These orders will be ready a minimum of two (2) hours from the time of the call, fax or email. If the order is placed after the deadline, we will make every effort to fill the order by the time the delivery company arrives. If this is not possible, the order will be sent out the following day using the same method.

To help ensure that your order is correctly filled, supply documentation that covers the following.

Purchase Order
a) Record general order information such as the purchase order number, contact person, delivery address and due date.
b) List required quantities, acceptable overrun quantities, and special transportation needs and/or carriers.
c) List all stock and imaging process information, as some supplies are better geared for digital vs. offset printing processes.
d) List all remaining details such as length, width, thickness, diameter, color and imprint information.

a) Include an actual sample of the item you would like to order.

Order Confirmation
A simple, yet effective, way to ensure that your order is correctly understood is to request an order confirmation. We will review your new order against the respective estimate, update any new information and fax or email the confirmation to you. This document summarizes the products and/or services you are purchasing from us, as well as the completion date and shipping method required to meet your deadline.

Special Orders
We inventory a broad range of finishing supplies available for purchase. Additionally, we have access to a much larger spectrum of sizes and colors available through special order. Requests for items in inventory are available immediately, while "special order" supplies requests may require a few more days to deliver.

Back Orders
Regardless of the amount of inventory we carry, we will occasionally run out of an item. A backordered item will be ordered immediately from the respective manufacturer and, if possible, shipped directly to your location.

Cancellations will be handled according to the type of item ordered.

Inventoried Supplies
You may cancel your inventoried supplies order at any time prior to shipping. If the order has shipped, the transaction will be handled according to our Returns/Exchanges policies.

Special Order (S/O) Supplies
You may cancel your special-order supplies order at any time prior to shipping. If the order has shipped, the transaction will be handled according to our Returns/Exchanges policies.

Custom Supply Orders
You may cancel your customer supply order prior to manufacturing, but you will be charged for all preparation costs incurred by the manufacturer. If the order has been completed, you may not cancel the order.

Minimum Supply Orders
Order minimums are set according to the type of item ordered.

Inventoried Supplies
We have a minumum order subtotal for inventoried supplies of $25.00. Orders less than this will be billed at the $25.00 minimum.

Special Order (S/O) Supplies
Pricing for custom supplies will include any minimums set by the manufacturer.

Shipping and Receiving
A well packaged suppply order serves no purpose until it is delivered. The policies and practices below will be used to handle transportation requirements of your order.

Free Shipping
We will prepay freight charges for equipment and supplies orders purchased through this web store when:

a) "Standard" shipping is chosen
b) The order subtotal is $100.00 or more
c) Equipment does NOT require "Professional Installation and Training"
d) The order is Paid-in-Full through web store checkout

This prepaid freight option is not available for purchases made outside of this web store.

You have four transportation options as detailed below.

Common Carrier (Standard Shipping)
Ground shipping via UPS is our "standard" shipping method for all web store supplies orders; however, multi-carton orders may be shipped via an LTL carrier at our discretion. Alternative common carriers or methods are also available depending upon your requirements and deadline. We do not process orders for shipping on Saturday or Sunday, but can arrange for your order to be delivered on Saturday. If Saturday delivery is requested and the item is undeliverable, the additional carrier charges will not be refunded.

Trucking Company
We will use a trucking company for delivery of your material under the following circumstances:
a) Your order must be shipped on a pallet
b) LTL shipping is less expensive than common carrier shipping
c) There is one delivery destination
d) An above ground dock is available for loading/unloading

Courier Company
Customers requiring instant, local access to our facility may choose to use a courier companies to pick up their orders.

Customer Pick Up
Like courier pick up, customers may personally pick up material during normal shipping and receiving hours.

Dock Hours
Our shipping and receiving department is open between the hours of 8:30 am and 5:00 pm EST for orders being picked up.

You have two access options when picking up your material.

Truck Dock
Straight truck and LTL pick ups can be made at our standard height dock.

Van Dock
Van pick ups can be made at one of our ground level docks.

Drop Shipments
To minimize turnaround, we can drop ship your order directly from the manufacturer to your location.

Split Shipments
We can split shipments to multiple locations, but there is a processing fee of $5.00 per address beginning with the second location. This processing fee is in addition to the carrier shipping charges.

We use the most reliable and dependable couriers and carrriers in the business. Occasionally though, a package will need to be tracked to determine its whereabouts. We will gladly track any package that we have shipped for you.

Our focus on quality does not end with the finished project. It continues into the accounting process as well. We use the following policies and practices when handling invoicing.

Purchase Order Numbers
Purchase orders are a great accounting tool used to communicate and track job costs. If you use purchase orders and require the respective number be included on all order documents, please let us know. We can code our order management software to require the entry of your number prior to printing your work order. If a number is not required, the purchaser's name will be used instead.

Price Variations
We make every effort to provide you with competitive and accurate pricing. Occasionally, we will need to adjust our pricing when a manufacturer's price increases or when a customer's order is different from the estimate. Changes in quantity, specifications and turnaround can all affect the final price of your order.

Tranportation Fees
Transportation fees can dramatically affect your final invoice price. We will handle them as follows.

Base Carrier Fees
Base carrier fees charged by the carrier are passed directly to your invoice without any markup. Your price is our price.

Special Handling
Additional fees charged by the carrier to process your shipment will be charged to your invoice. These may include, but are not limited to, fees for "Inside Delivery", "Notification", "Special Vehicles", "Waiting" and "Saturday Delivery".

Special Fees
Special fees also have in impact on your final invoice price. These will be handled as follows.

Small Order Fee
A small order fee passed to us by the manufacturer or distributor will be passed directly to your invoice.

Restocking Fee
The standard restocking fee for supplies is 20%. This fee will be invoiced unless one of the following conditions applies.

- Order Entry Error
- Wrong Color
- Wrong Size
- Wrong Finish
- Quality Issue
- Received with Damage

Returned Check Fee
A $25.00 NSF fee will be charged for each returned check.

Your purchases will be taxed based on North Carolina and Mecklenburg County guidelines unless:

1) You will be reselling the services or supplies, and
2) You provide us with a completed Resale Certificate.

Several invoice payment options are available for our customers. Policies and practices for each are detailed below.

Cash is an acceptable form of payment for orders picked up at our sales office. Due to the potential for loss, we do not accept cash payments through the mail.

Company Checks
New and existing customers may pay with company checks, however new companies must wait for check verification prior to leaving with any items. Additionally, all checks must be written from mature accounts. We do not accept starter checks.

Credit Cards
VISA, MasterCard and American Express cards are accepted via phone, fax and our website.

Credit Accounts
Payment terms will remain C.O.D. until a credit application has been processed and approved for your company. This takes approximately one week, but may take longer depending on credit reference response. Credit terms will differ depending upon the type of account listed below.

General Credit Accounts
General credit accounts are detailed on our Credit Terms page.

Trade Credit Accounts
Trade credit accounts are detailed on our Credit Terms page.

Despite best efforts, returns or exchanges will be necessary for some purchases. The policies and practices we employ to handle these are detailed below.

The return/exchange process will be handled as follows:

RMA Number
Prior to shipping an item back to us, call customer service to receive a Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) number. This number is used to track your request and helps ensure that your account is properly credited. We will not be able to accept any returns without this number. When you call, be prepared to provide us with your customer number, invoice number and reason for the return.

All supplies must be in original, unopened packaging with clean product labeling intact. The package must be resalable in order for us to accept it as a return or exchange. An unopened package does not refer to the shipping container, just the packaging containing the item. When returning an item, we recommend you use the original, undamaged shipping container, and that you fully insure the contents against loss through the carrier.

Charges for restocking and shipping will be handled as follows:

Restocking Fee
The restocking fee for inventoried and special-order supplies is 20%. This fee will be invoiced unless one of the following conditions applies.

- Order Entry Error
- Wrong Color
- Wrong Size
- Wrong Finish
- Quality Issue
- Received with Damage

Custom manufactured supplies may not be returned; therefore, a refund or credit is unavailable for this type of order.

Original shipping charges will not be refunded. Shipping charges incurred to return an item are the responsibility of the customer, unless we incorrectly processed the order by shipping the wrong item. We will, however, pay for a similar shipping method for a replacement or exchange item coming back to you.

A refund or credit for all or a portion of an invoice will be handled as follows.

Requests for credits or refunds made within 30 days from the original purchase date using "cash" will be issued back to the purchasing organization with a company check. Requests made after the 30-day period will receive a credit toward future purchases. Cash refunds are not available.

Company Checks
Requests for credits or refunds made within 30 days from the original purchase date using a "check" will be issued back to the purchasing organization with a company check. Requests made after the 30-day period will receive a credit toward future purchases.

Credit Cards
Requests for credits or refunds made within 30 days from the original purchase date charged to a "credit card" will be issued back to the repective credit card. Requests made after the 30-day period will receive a credit toward future purchases.

Credit Accounts
Credits due for purchases charged to a credit account will be issued back to the respective credit account.

We want you to be completely satisfied and stand ready to assist you with any quality issues. The following policies and practices will be used to handle problems and complaints.

Quality Assurance
Our primary goal is to provide you with only the highest quality solutions. We represent companies that use state-of-the-art production technology, systemized quality control methods and highly skilled staff members to manufacture high quality supplies. We stand behind their craftsmanship and guarantee to replace any product found to be defective.

Quality Review Period
We have a consistent track record of selling high quality supplies; however, it is your responsibility to inspect the order in a timely fashion. To minimize complaints from issues beyond our control (ie. the end-users storage environment, handling practices and transportation methods), all quality claims must be reported within 30 days from your receipt of the material.

Transit Damage
Transit damage is an unfortunate reality of modern transportation. Carefully review the following to gain an understand of how these issues are prevented and resolved.

Initial Inspection
Upon arrival, we recommend that you open and inspect all cartons to ensure that your material has not been damaged in transit. If you find damage, mark the shipping documents "Received Damaged" and keep the shipping container and packing material for further inspection. You may be asked to photograph the damage and forward the photos to the transportation company.

Claims for loss, damage, shortages, delays or failures in shipment or delivery must be reported in writing to us within 10 days from the date of delivery to file a claim with the carrier.

We will handle claims for damage to the material differently depending upon the type of damage.

Apperance Damage
Appearance damage is defined as damage that degrades the apperance of the material, but does not render it unusable. This may include, but is not limited to, scratches caused by a "sanding" effect of the material rubbing against each other during transit. If requested, we will make a claim for financial reimbursement to the transporation company and will pass any reimbursement to you once the claim is settled. Reimbursement for this type of damage is occasionally granted.

Destruction Damage
Destruction damage is defined as damage that renders the material unusable. This may include, but is not limited to, torn/missing document covers,bent/crushed binding elements or dented/gouged laminating rolls. We will make a claim for financial reimbursement to the transporation company and will pass any reimbursement to you once the claim is settled. Reimbursement for this type of damage is most often granted.

Providing quality solutions is simply not enough. Trust is the other component of the partner relationship. We have employed the following policies to guarantee the privacy and security of your information.

Account Information Privacy and Security
You may provide both public and non-public personal information during a typical business transaction with Flex Finishing. We will guard and handle this information as follows.

Public Information
Public information including business contacts, addresses, telecommunication numbers, email address may be used for marketing purposes by Flex Finishing or a sister company.

Non-public Information
Non-public information including credit account and credit card information will be held in strict confidence. This information will not be used for any purpose other than to process your purchases.

Customer Account Information
All confidential customer account information is either stored on password-protected computers or locked in a high-security location.

Credit Card Information
The secure handling of online credit card information is a top priority. We employ a high-security internet transmission and storage technology known as SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) to process all credit card payments. During the checkout process you will enter your credit card information into a form originating from a secure server. SSL technology digitally encrypts this information and transfers it to our secure server for processing. A "closed lock" or "unbroken key" shown on your browser indicate that SSL technology is being used. Only credit card payments will invoke use of SSL technology. To further ensure the security of your credit card purchases, we:

- Do not save credit card numbers unless requested. Like shopping in a retail store, you will need to "hand" your card number to us for each online transaction. Since your number is not stored on our server, it cannot be viewed or stolen.
- Use equipment compatible with the V-code credit card confirmation process.
- Verify orders shipped to an address other than the credit card billing address. This helps reduce fraud by confirming the order with the credit card holder.
- Email an order confirmation that includes the items ordered, the shipping address and payment information (excluding specific credit card information).
- Accept printed final orders if you are not comfortable with online ordering. Simply print the order from your browser and fax or mail it to us.
- Use a leading security certificate authority to protect your online purchases. This provider offers a next-generation web trust service that combines state-of-the-art 128-bit SSL encryption and identity verification. The result is a new, unsurpassed level of security from your browser to our secure server.

We value and appreciate the time you spend on our site. Like our brick-and-mortar location, this site also has policies to help guide your usage.

Site Usage
This site is provided for the private use by current and prospective customers of Flex Finishing, Inc. Companies and organizations providing similar services are considered competitors and not welcome to use any part of this site.

Third-party Links
We welcome links to this site, but only through a written application process. Links should not be made to this site without the express written consent of Flex Finishing, Inc.

Copyright Statement
This site contains original content as well as specifications provided by our manufacturers. All information on this site is copyrighted and may not be used in part or in full without the express written consent of Flex Finishing, Inc.