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Flat Sheet Finishing
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We provide the following Flat Sheet Finishing Solutions.

In a sticky situation? From extended liner tape applied to self-seal mailers and product packaging to inventory tags and parking passes, We can help you with your adhesive projects.

Eyeleting and Grommeting
Brass, Nickel or Paint – pick your finish. Whether your project is a wheel chart or a wide format print, eyelets and grommets offer a secure hold with great looks.

Can't find the right paper? Whether you need a thicker paper not produced by the mills or need to cover the relief on the back side of an embossed/debossed sheet, duplexing solves your problems.

Toe the line! Take the guesswork out of folding by bending the paper fibers in the exact spot you need the fold.

Don't rip it up. Rip it out! Whether you need perpendicular or parallel perforations, die perforating provides consistent registration time after time.


Easy to err, yet difficult to correct! Whether you are collating a two-paged letter or a fifty-paged manual, we can collate your documents right – sheet after sheet after sheet.

A business service basic! Whether you need flyers folded in half or letters folded for envelope insertion, we can fold your single-sheet documents a variety of ways.

Forget the scissors! Whether you have flat sheets or multiple-page documents, we can cut your blank or printed stock to the precise size you need.

Added functionality made easy! Whether you update material in ring binders or need to add holes to calendars or forms, we can drill most hole patterns and sizes.

Ease of use, in any size! Whether you use pocket-sized pads for promotions or full-sized forms for reporting, padded paper reduces clutter and is easier to handle.