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laminating rolls

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We provide the following Laminating Solutions.

Roll Laminating
Protect your investment! Whether you are encapsulating book covers or menus, roll laminating helps reduce damage caused by moisture and day-to-day usage.

Wide-Format Roll Laminating
Wide load! Wide format printing is expensive. Extend the life of these projects with wide-format gloss or matte laminating.

Pouch Laminating
Little problems sometimes require little solutions. Whether you are creating promotional luggage tags or protecting wallet cards, pouch laminating is a great solution.


Eyeleting and Grommeting
Brass, Nickel or Paint – pick your finish. Whether your project is a spinner wheel or a wide format print, eyelets and grommets offer a secure hold with great looks.

Corner Rounding
It's just not cool to be square! Round off sharp corners for safer handling and a more polished look.

Slot Punching
Hang on! Have instant access to your laminated cards by combining slot punching with lanyards, clips, reels or loops.