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Index Tab Finishing
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We provide the following Index Tab Finishing Solutions.

Index Tab Cutting
Get organized! Access information in your documents faster with custom index tabs. From 1 to 31 positions, we make document organization easy.

Mylar Tab Laminating
That color looks good on you! Take your document organization to the next level with clear or colored mylar tab extensions.

Binding Edge Reinforcing
Be strong! Extend the useful life of index tabs and 3-hole drilled documents with clear binding edge reinforcing.

Tip-In Tape Application
Forget something? Add new pages to existing documents by applying an extended liner tape to the back binding-edge of your insert sheet.


Prong Fastener Application
Added functionality made easy! Prong fasteners add ring-binder functionality to standard pocket folders and file folders with an adhesive-backed, two-pronged mechanism.

Tab Collating
Easy to err, yet difficult to correct! Whether your entire document requires collating or just your tab sets, we do it right - sheet after sheet.

Tab Drilling
Get the "Hole" Story! Whether your tabs are placed into ring binders or used with Perm Clips, we can drill most hole patterns and sizes.

Shrink Wrapping
That’s a wrap! Whether for protection or for ease of dissemation, we provide shrink wrapping for single or multi-tab packages.