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The Express Lam program is detailed below.

Express Lam
The "Express Lam" program is for customers requiring quick turnaround of any of the four most commonly produced, short-run (up to 2500 finished pieces) laminating project sizes. The specifics of this program are listed below.

The "Express Lam" program is based on the use of:
- Customer-supplied, pre-printed stock
- 3.0 Mil. gloss, standard copolymer film
- An automated sheet trimmer

Download the Express Lam Price List/Order Form for current pricing. The price for setup includes your first 29 laminated sheets. Quantities greater than 29 are priced on a per-sheet basis with setup included. For quantities greater than 2,499, call for pricing.

Your "Express Lam" project will be completed within 72 hours from the receipt of all of your stock or your next job is discounted 15%. Likewise, customers opting for the 48-hour or 24-hour services will have the same 15% discount offer if thier projects are not completed on time. You must mark your order "Express Lam" to receive the program guarantee and pricing.

The following "Express Lam" program exclusions apply.
- A 3.0 Mil. gloss, standard copolymer film is the default film used with this program. Additional films are available, but the program pricing and turnaround guarantee no longer apply. Please call for pricing and turnaround.
- Digitally printed sheets requiring a non-standard (Flex Bond Exreme) copolymer film can be processed, but they are exempt from the program pricing and turnaround guarantee. Review the Laminating Film Compatability List to determine if your printed sheets require a more aggressive film. Please call for pricing and turnaround.
- An "Express Lam" project can be combined with additional services (die cutting, hole punching, corner rounding, creasing, eyeleting, taping, easel-back attaching and prong-fastener attaching, etc.), but the additional services will not be included in the standard turnaround guarantee. Please call for pricing and turnaround.
- We gladly and routinely process production runs greater than 2500, but these orders are exempt from the program guarantee. Please call for special pricing and turnaround.