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The No Worries program is detailed below.

No Worries
The "No Worries" program was developed to help purchasers feel more comfortable about their new equipment purchasing decisions. This program provides a five (5) business-day grace period to confirm that the equipment meets the needs for which it was purchased. At the end of the period, the purchaser can finalize the sale by keeping the equipment or returning it at no cost or further obligation. If returned, the purchaser may decide to try a different piece of equipment in the "No Worries" program.

Getting Started
To participate in the "No Worries" program, just contact a Flex Finishing representative via phone at (704)342-3600 or (877)342-3600, via fax at (704)342-3603 or via email at Your representative will:
1) Consult with you to determine your print finishing needs and wants,
2) Recommend equipment that best matches your volume, quality and price parameters, and
3) Provide a price that includes delivery, setup and training.

Once you select the equipment, fax or email a copy of your purchase order and your account representative will contact you to schedule delivery, setup and training.

Contingency Sales Agreement
The delivery of equipment in the "No Worries" program constitutes a contingency sale. You will have five (5) business days to use, test and approve the equipment based on your previously discussed requirements. Your account representative will call you the first day after the grace period expires to confirm the sale or schedule a pickup of the equipment. You will not be charged anything if the equipment is returned, unless the equipment, documentation and/or packaging is damaged or missing. If this occurs, the actual repair and/or replacement cost(s) from the manufacturer will be passed to you. If you decide to purchase or return the equipment before the period expires, please contact your representative.

The following "No Worries" program exclusions apply.
- The program applies to "new" equipment purchases only.
- Not all equipment can be purchased under the "No Worries" program.

Additional Information
You can download the "No Worries" Sales Sheet for all the details.